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2021 Fall Schedule

Welcome to the events portal for Dataiku's Academic Community! 

Below you will find the list of upcoming online webinars and events for educators, researchers and students. 

The Academic Hub is a discussion board & knowledge repository with shared assignments, projects, links to free datasets, etc. To join, follow this link:

To launch a  free one year subscription of Dataiku's Data Science Studio, Click Here

To explore the Dataiku Academy online training & certification platform, follow this link:

To view past webinars follow this link: 

Upcoming Events

Past Events


  • Gildas Fresneau

    Gildas Fresneau


    Academic Program Specialist, EMEA

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  • Josh Hewitt

    Josh Hewitt


    Director of Academics

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  • Ardith Daly

    Ardith Daly


    Academic Program Specialist

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  • Dataiku

    Academics Program Marketing Coordinator

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