Academic Demo Hour: An Introduction to DSS

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Thu, Jun 24, 12:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

In this demo, we will go over the various capabilities available in DSS. Specifically, we will look at how to:

- Access data from disparate sources

- Wrangle and prepare data for your specific purposes

- Build and iterate on machine learning models inside DSS

- Visualize results, deploy your models in batch or via API, and operationalize your work

- Export your projects to visualization tools such as Tableau and webapps for external student/research presentations


  • Christina Hsiao

    Christina Hsiao


    Technical Evangelist and Sales Engineer

    Christina Hsiao is a technical evangelist for Dataiku based in the US. In her role, Christina is able to share her passion for applied data science through writing and by speaking with customers, partners, and organizations interested in solving business problems with the powerful combination of people, data, and technology. Prior to joining Dataiku, she spent nearly 10 years at SAS, mainly ...

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  • Gildas Fresneau

    Gildas Fresneau


    Academic Program Specialist, EMEA

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  • Josh Hewitt

    Josh Hewitt


    Director of Academics

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  • Ardith Daly

    Ardith Daly


    Academic Program Specialist

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  • Dataiku

    Academics Program Marketing Coordinator

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