About Me

Perry Beaumont, Ph.D., presently serves as Head of Data & Actuarial Science at The Distinguished Programs Group, a national insurance program manager. Perry’s responsibilities include a variety of risk mitigation and revenue enhancement initiatives, and evaluating new opportunities. As a data scientist Perry has certifications that include AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Tableau Data Science, Snowflake Data Management, and Dataiku Machine Learning. Perry is also serving a two year appointment as an AWS Ambassador. Perry has an extensive background in financial services, and at one time he launched and subsequently sold a FinTech firm. Perry has also lived and worked in different countries around the globe, inclusive of three years in Paris with AXA. Perry enjoys sharing his expertise, and has written highly regarded books on business topics, and is the author of a U.S. patent, as well as an assortment of articles and blogs. Perry’s most recent publication is Digital Finance, released by Routledge Press in the fall of 2019, and the book was nominated for Best Business Reference of the Year. His other books include Financial Engineering and Fixed Income Synthetic Assets, both published by Wiley & Sons. Perry has a doctorate from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), and did post-graduate work in France. He is involved with a variety of volunteer groups, though notably as a mentor with Columbia’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design center, and as a sponsor of SPACE on Ryder Farm which supports aspiring artists in a variety of fields.